TRESRECON SCHOOL of leadership for ministers


It is an open secret that most of the church leaders lack true leadership skills, and the lack of true leadership prevents the church from moving from glory to glory.

A church may have a great pastor, one who has the skill, charisma, and the drive to preach the gospel but may lack the support or leadership needed from others to accomplish the vision God has given him or her.

The success or failure of any church should not rest solely upon the shoulders of the pastor, but in the hands of its leadership. The leadership of every church should be committed to the vision of the church and be willing to learn by the Holy Spirit the basic skills that can make them more effective leaders.

At Tresrecon School of Leadership for Ministers, we will be imparting church leaders and any of our students with traits and skills that create good leader so that our churches can become good examples of what Christianity is all about. Every church should have great members that lead, encourage, and direct others to become even greater and more effective Christians.

Our School of Leadership is designed to help church leaders understand the importance of true leadership and discover ways to make our churches more effective. I pray that we will help you and your church to move forward in becoming a true and viable force in this earth.